One of the frequently asked questions we get from clients is:

- "What is the difference between quartz, granite, and Corian?"

Renaissance team would like to share our opinion with you about this question: 
And yes, We love Granite, Quartz and Corian!  

First, let us introduce each of these three products:

1. Quartz

It's short for engineered quartz. Usually, when we say quartz, we mean engineered( synthetic) quartz.

If you mention natural quartz, it is Quartzite.

Artificial quartz stone, also known as reconstituted quartz, is the production of several raw materials organized by the manufacturer.

Raw materials: a variety of natural quartz sand, quartz powder, pigments, resin and other materials. By mixing, vacuuming, pressing, heating curing, polishing and other processes.

- The advantages of engineered quartz: high hardness, no obvious colour difference, scratch resistance, non-absorption,      stain resistance.

- Disadvantages of engineered quartz:

  Compared with natural stone, the engineered stone doesn’t have rich colours.

2. Granite 










Granite refers to natural granite, is directly from the mining, after cutting, polishing.

The hardness of granite is greater than that of natural marble. The hardness of granites varies from place to place, as most Brazilian granites have a high hardness.

- The advantages of natural granite: natural, durable.

- Disadvantages of natural granite: Color variation, pinholes, more brittle.

Although the hardness of quartzite is very high. But crushed quartz grits, mixed with resin, the hardness of artificial quartz surfaces is lower than quartzite, also generally lower than granite hardness. But it's much more flexible than granite.

3. Corian















It's a DuPont product. It's Solid surface.

For solid surface, in the production, they don’t use any natural marble or granite or stone powder at all.

It has the advantage of good flexibility and no colour difference.

- The Advantages: After heating, Corian can be made to realize a variety of special shapes products, such as a round shape. It is easy to cut and easy to repair if it's scratched.

- Disadvantages: The solid surface is so low in hardness, it's easy to scratch, and looks like plastic. 

We love granite and quartz  because they're all products of the universe. Renaissance team is here to help you choose the right product for your project! 

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